Date: 20.02.2017


It’s been two years since we’ve started to develop Pricima. We’re still improving Pricima’s features and through this smart quotation tool we want to bring you the best user experience. But how the Pricima has started its journey?




Once upon a time...


There was a creative digital agency that used to have an ordinary word, excel and pdf price quotations.

Everything was fine until we started to receive a lot of invoices what result a big chaos.

  • We used to save it as PDF format so we lost a source files.
  • The price quotes were mixed – it was the chaotic and “messy” time of our price quotation.
  • We find out that our customers were confused by word, excel and pdf estimate all the time.
  • They couldn’t find a necessary information immediately, they couldn’t choose a particular items from the document and they literally get lost in their own quotations.
  • The customers didn’t understand each item a properly as items couldn’t be described in a very detailed way
  • The clients didn’t even know about some additional and advantageous options.


There are several reasons why the word, excel and PDF quotes weren’t as a great as they seem to be:


  • the quotes didn’t work well on mobile devices – no responsive design
  • the quotes weren’t interactive
  • you couldn’t know if your client has seen the estimate yet – no feedback
  • while your quotation was converting into PDF version there was a risk that you lose your source files.
  • the creation of price template was time consuming and not so effective
  • it was difficult to find out if the client has already sent the estimate or not
  • in the case that something went wrong with your PC there was a high risk that you lose all of your data and all price quotations as well 


So we decided to make a new revolutionary quotation and fix all of mentioned issues!


We ask themselves:


What should our new quotation template definitely have?


The team realized that a new version should be:


  • Easy to use – in purpose to minimize the time spent with creating the quote
  • Readable & Understandable – you can find everything you need so quickly
  • Interactive – e.g. you can see additional description of each items
  • Good looking – an attractive design
  • Safe – your data are secured by unique encrypted link
  • Available - anywhere and anytime


The creators connected all of the mentioned features and made a unique online tool for cost estimate templates. Firstly, we used them only for our internal purposes within an agency. But as we started to receive a very good feedback on our new interactive price quotations… We decided to share them and offer the PRICIMA interactive quotes to all customers!


Interested in making your first cost estimate? Let’s have a look at our article HOW TO SEND YOUR QUOTATION.