Date: 15.03.2017


Nowadays, everything is online. And your client is probably keeping its phone or tablet in hands and surfing on the web. How can your client see the content of the printed or interactive cost estimate? Let’s have a look with us and choose the option fits you well. 



"Creation of estimate isn’t an issue of daily routine. Find enough time to explain your client everything necessary about price quote carefully."




Why your price quote should look well even on your mobile or tablet? Because your users are online much more than before. 





Additionally, the prognosis tells us that number of smartphone users is going increase even more. 





We prepared for you a few demonstrations how the Word, Excel, PDF price quotes looks on your smartphone.





On the next chart below you can see the percentage of devices which were used by our customers on Pricima. 





Do you want to create your first interactive cost estime? Check out our step-by-step guide HOW TO SEND YOUR QUOTATION.







"You are that “maestro” in your business. So don’t be afraid to offer all alternatives that might be useful for your client."